Yes, it's true! I've finally launched my official membership site!

By getting away from Patreon...

  • I'll no longer have to pay fees to use their platform. This means, I can comfortably lower my prices a little, and even offer boudoir digital content for as little as $10. (Instead of having to pay my current $35 limit on Patreon. )
  • You won't get charged international banking fees.
  • My content will be less likely to be ripped by Patreon scrapers.

It's a win-win for everyone! With all this in mind,  If you only want to throw down $1, that's totally okay and I'll always post content for the $1 tiers as well. You'll be able to catch all my latest non-boudoir content right in the $1+ content feed. $1 might not seem like much, but even $1 goes a long way when it comes to creating content!

When signing up, it should prompt you to give a shipping address for any physical rewards ( such a prints, stickers, Polaroids, etc). If you sign up for a "Digital Only" tier, I will not send you mail. It is my goal to send out 1 set every 2 weeks (Example: by the 15th of the month, and by the 30th of the month) with non-boudoir content filling some space in between. Content will be sent out via email, so please sign up with an appropriate email and make sure it's not marked as spam.

If you have any questions, you can feel free to ask:

I'm super new to this and have little knowledge on how the mechanics of the site work, so please bear with me, I'm learning! =:)


Photo by Obscura Vista