What is the difference between your Patreon, OnlyFans and LavitzNation content?

OnlyFans is free for anyone to follow, and it is expected to remain a free place to join for people to sample older work. Tips are always appreciated but never expected. New content will not be uploaded to OF, only older content. You can find that here: [ Onlyfans.com/RyuuLavitz ]

Patreon gets two sets per month, and you have different tier options to get a different amount of images depending on your budget. [The most budget friendly option for people only looking to spend $10/15 and still get studio quality photos.]. The set is added to LavitzNation exclusively for Patreon members and a month later the full set (generally 30 images) becomes available. This is added automatically to your account on the last day of the month each month you are signed up.

LavitzNation is my digital content shop, where full sets are sold after it is no longer exclusive to Patreon. LN gets exclusive sets that will not be on Patreon or Onlyfans.

LavitzNation Member Feed LavitzNations feed gets mostly spicy selfies and previews of the newest content, these selfie sets are released on the final day of each month, and automatically added to the accounts of current subscribers. Previous months will be available for $25 in the shop.


I bought something but can’t figure out where to go?

  1. Go to My AccountOrders  and then click on the top order
  2. In the top order you should see a table of items which you purchased, each item should have a clickable “Gallery Link” which will bring you to your purchased product.   For some older sets, your items will appear under “downloads”, this will eventually be phased out and the downloads tab will be removed entirely.


  1. You can go to My account > Purchased Galleries to find your content.


Do you sell nudes?

I am a non-nude artist. Digital sets do NOT contain nudity, or sexually explicit content.  If you are expecting nudes, this site is not for you! My digital sets are sexy / boudoir / pin-up style but I do not display lady-bits / nips, or do any graphic posing.

This site is for those who would like to follow me on my photography/modeling journey. Never put my work before your own personal needs. If you cannot afford to join the Nation, that is 100% okay! I will always post stuff for free across my various social media.


How often do you upload content? What kind of quality can I expect?

You can expect at least 15 images uploaded through out the month, which only totals out to $1 per image. (Unless I add even more than 15 images, then it’s even less!) This feed will sometimes feature selfies but cell phone quality will never consume my feed. It will generally be high quality, studio shot images.

I upload at least (2) full boudoir sets per month to my Patreon. When it is no longer available on Patreon, it becomes available for purchase in the LN shop. All full sets are shot digitally in a photo studio. I never post cellphone selfies as a set! I believe you deserve the highest quality I can provide.


I saw you on [dating site] / [random platform], is that REALLY you?

No! I do not have any dating website profiles, and I do not have memberships . If you see profiles with my photos, please report them! People use my images to catfish people often and I can’t keep track of these profiles without your help! My PSN, BattleNet, Steam, etc. are all private and I don’t add people I don’t know personally. If an account adds you that says they’re me, please report them.

Any social medias that I have, you can find here: https://linktr.ee/ryuulavitz



By Using this site you agree to:

  1. You are responsible for regulating your own payments. You are able to renew, auto-renew or cancel your membership at any time through your profile settings. Once your membership is cancelled it will remain active until the end of the billing period.
  2. My content is not to be re-distributed or edited in any way. People who are found leaking content or attempting to leak content will be permanently banned without warning or a refund.
  3. Content is purely digital, there are no physical products available on LavitzNation.
  4. All content is non-nude content.
  5. By signing up, you acknowledge that you read and understand these Terms & ConditionsPlease send a message through the “contact us” if you have any questions or concerns before subscribing. I like to be fully transparent with my supporters!
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