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Purple and red is a beautiful combo when it comes to fashion / outfit pairing. Definitely vibing with it lately!
I was going for some sort of Dragoness with this concept, how did I do? I know I didn't put on any wings for this one, but it didn't look good over top of the robe, so eh.
I know goggles don't REALLY go with a nice flowy robe BUT I JUST LIKED IT, OKAY? πŸ˜‚
I really love doing edgy, dark concepts that are fantasy based but aren't specific to someone else's character. Does it still count as cosplay if it's an original character? Featuring some neat photos by @skewedviewsproductions

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If I were Peach, I'd definitely be Bowser's girl. 😈🌢️
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Just Peachy. πŸ‘
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