What happened to the feed?

On 2/28/2021, we made some changes to the way that the monthly feed works to make it be more in-line with the way Patreon sets work.

Once a month you will get an email (on the final day of the month) giving you a coupon code to purchase the LavitzNation selfie set that was published that month for free. Generally these will cost $25 if you are not subscribed, and only $15 if you are.

You can expect an email from membership@ryuulavitz.com to send you a monthly coupon code. Please check your spam folders, gmail hasn’t been particularly kind to the mailing. We are investigating other ways to distribute in future months.

The reason why we are distributing things the way that we are is because of value. If someone can sign up for a single month and see everything that was posted for the past year, why wouldn’t they just sub once a year and get everything for $15. So we’ve limited it to months that you’ve paid for.

If you run into any issues getting content for months that you have pledged, please use the contact form at the top of the page.


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